Our Vision

Our Vision Statement

Artwell and Associates is destined to the sound and fully licensed business consultancy specialized in liquor trade and all other small and medium entrepreneurs, guiding those businesses to profitability while developing wealth for their owners and families. To achieve our goals, we ensure that all our clients are compliant with all regulatory bodies like Liquor Authority, SARS, Municipalities and other relevant stake holders.

We ensure ongoing training of our staff and ensure that all queries and persuasion are attended efficient and quality service. We are committed to providing an enjoyable working environment for our employees, our most important resource. We continually promote team work, quality improvement and excellence in all aspect of our business.

Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide professional and knowledgeable, honesty and integrity. We endeavor to make our clients grow their wealth resulting in the growth of our company.

Business Aim

Artwell and Associates operations anchored on four principles.

Assisting small and medium businesses to operate their businesses legally and employ with all relevant acts, rules and regulations.

To be trustworthy and fully capacitated financial and business consultancy in the province, KwaZulu Natal especially in Liquor Trade.

To encourage and ensure that business owners and their families are financially secure with enough life cover retirement protection, investments and savings.

Business Management And Compliance

Artwell and Associates is a close corporation registered in 1991. The managing member is Dr Artwell Hlengwa, who has been in financial services in different ways throughout his life. He is a graduate in business studies and most of the leading office personnel are also graduates and lifelong learning excludes those that pop in for some services who are not our permanent clients.

We ensure that we are fully compliant with the laws and regulations governing the industry.

Core Values Of Artwell And Associates

Growing together and striving to grow with our clients enables us to:

Embrace and drive
positive change

Show care and take genuine interest in the needs of our clients

Have genuine belief in
human potential

Have educated customers who will take informed decisions

Contribute towards economic growth and job creation in our province

Ensure development
and sustainability

“We ensure that we are fully compliant with the laws and regulations governing the industry.”


There has been gradual change in the rules and regulations regulating all businesses e.g. establishments of National Liquor Authority and Provincial Liquor Authorities. Innovation have been made at SARS, FSB, Introduction of FICA, etc and entrepreneurs were compelled to comply failing results in license to practice are cancelled. This has to hit liquor practitioners would like to get professional help in order to remain in the industry. Insurance industry also introduced the FAIS Act which now regulates it. The stringent regulatory requirement make most insurance practitioners fall out and may seek our services in order to succeed.

There are, however, challenges if we need to be successful because we still believe we need to visit each and every outlet. There is a lot of driving as we visit all businesses around KZN Province. We have to constantly improve relationships with stakeholders like liquor Authorities, SASP, Municipalities, Ingonyama Trust Board, FSB, INSETA, etc.

Our Strength

We have been in business for more than thirty years and our vest experience makes it easy for us to guide and mentor our clients. We have grown our client’s base and strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied and very successful. This demands that we keep our service levels very high as people come to us with high expectations. Over these years we have been in business, we have managed to cement good relationship all key shareholders. We are aware that if we maintain our service level high, we keep our clients for life which result in steady income for us as business. We are proud that we have until now kept this momentum at very high level.

Our Weakness

The main weakness in our business is not to be big enough to attract highly qualified and experienced people to offer our services as they come high cost to the company. Tertiary education only is not enough in order to succeed in the business .experience and willingness to be retained, the business forms the cornerstone of success in the business.

It takes a long time to train young employees to be in a position to give maximum standard of service. Young people always need quick success prospects and this demands that in order to keep them in your company you need to organize a series of workshop that will expedite reaping of young people. We always ready to embark on this program.

Liquor practitioner and taxi operators are always reluctant to comply with regulations. They succumb to compliance mostly after being reprimanded on several occasions which at times results in them being debarred from operating. Guidance and monitoring is the key to success. If our staff members are not people with care and patience most licenses of our clients will be lost and the company growth will be curtailed.