Our Services

Categories Of Businesses We Are Involved In:

1. Retail Liquor Licence Consultancy

For decades Artwell and Associates has been processing new applications, process amendments of licenses on behalf of liquor practitioners, assist with transfer of liquor licenses, assist with renewals of liquor licenses, draw plans, etc.

2. Distribution Liquor License Consultancy

Liquor distribution license are still not popular in the province. We regard this as a rich market. We have to vigorously penetrate this market.

3. Bookkeeping / Accounting Section

Bookkeeping seems to be a challenge with most of businesses with our clients. Proper bookkeeping leads to a production of authentic financial statements. We ensure that we work with our clients as financial statements and management accounts are a must for business owners and stakeholders like SARS, Ingongyama Trust, funders. We also help our clients applying for Police Clearance Certificates (PCC)

4. Life Insurance Section

We are licensed financial service provider and specialize in both the general public and business people. Due to lack of financial literacy it became evident that unless we offer these services our clients usually retire or die impoverished. Much progress still needs to be made to ensure that hazards or risks of life are unveiled to entrepreneurs. As key individual business people must be aware that business survives because of leadership of business leader. Usually when he dies, business also dies. As part of our financial planning services, we also offer assistance in the drawing up of wills and succession plan.

This is one of the most important sections of our business because  we engage in planning their financials, our business flourish. This business is regulated by financial services Board.

5. Wills

A will or testament is a legal document that expresses a person’s wishes as to how their assets is to be distributed after their death and as to which person is to manage the assets until its final distribution.

Five Key Pillars of Strategy

1. Organization Sustainability

Artwell and Associates takes into cognizance the fact that it has to stabilize its production and maintain good relationship with existing clients.

2. Marketing Strategy

Artwell and Associates has developed a clear marketing plan that covers the whole KwaZulu Natal Province.
All stakeholders like municipalities and police must be involved.

3. Operation Efficiency

Artwell and Associates commits itself that the operational efficiency through policies, system and process management are in place to drive and effect team management, development and leadership. This shall be accomplished through investment in systems and process, thinking methods internally within the company.

4. Staff Development

Artwell and Associates commits itself to continuous staff development in order to ensure optimum quality service to clients.

5. Retaining of Clients

Artwell and Associates commits itself to ensuring that everyday effort will be made to ensure that all our clients’ needs are met and that the quality of service is at a level that no client will feel obliged to seek service away from our company.

Market Research And Assumptions

As far as liquor license are concerned, we will focus mainly on the province of KwaZulu Natal. Liquor businesses like general dealers and tea rooms in townships and rural areas, they are better organized as regulation by the government, compels them to produce certain documents. Our experience gives us an upper edge.

We are now convinced that many of these businesses have been in operation for many years although they have been with the liquor acts and regulations. Our main focus is a following services:

Applications for new licenses

Applications for transfers of licenses

Applications for renewal of licenses

All other matters pertaining to liquor act


Challenges that we have are improving our relationship with stakeholders and motivating, entrenching trust in our customers to believe in ourselves. We have to ensure a good relationship with regulations and gradually identify key personnel in their offices who will alert us where we are performing inadequately. If we are not sure of areas where we are still lacking in our service delivery, it will be difficult for us to improve.

Our business is in a position to take advantage of the opportunities available, because of its experience and willingness to be a leader in its chosen market. We still believe that the following have to be instilled to all our staff members and any deviation by any of our staff members will not be tolerated at all. We are committed to the following principles:

Business Objectives

We have been in business for more than three decades have taught us many lessons one of which is that you have to keep on improving and aligning your company with new trends. If you do not change you become stagnant and your clients need to become above your capabilities. Our main objective is to grow.

We have to set clear targets which will be clearly understood by all staff members and clearly monitored and enforced by company. Taking care of staff needs and keeping them motivated at all times, depends on productivity level. If production is low the company cannot have enough resources to meet the staff needs and this may result in high staff turnover and low enthusiasm among staff.


Our business broad strategy is ensuring that each year we visit at least 1300 businesses a year and ensure that at least 500 of those are turned to clients and ensure that we give superior to retain them. To continually develop the marketing division with the aim of ensuring that new business, which is the life blood of our organization constantly flows in.

At least twice a year strategy sessions are held, the first to set and map up the strategy ahead the second one to evaluate the performance of the past half a year and make reviews if necessary. We have to organize at least sixteen road shows a year. The marketing officer will be responsible for organizing business people to attend road shows and the senior officer in the organization will facilitate the workshop. These road shows will start in July 2017.

We have to update our entire database and ensure that everything is in the computer. The office supervisor must ensure that this is correctly done as information management is crucial in business.