About Us

Artwell and Associates has been in operation from 1988. As a manager at Metropolitan Life, the founder Dr Artwell Hlengwa felt that there was a need for businesses planning and financial advisory service for individuals and small businesses especially those on the lower of the market.

It is evident that many of the entrepreneurs, especially small and medium sized do not have proper training in aspects pertaining to business development and thus their businesses are not run efficiently and business owners themselves lack personal financial planning which result in them retire destitute although they work hard in their businesses.

In order to succeed in this mammoth task of improving our people in this chosen market, we needed to have properly trained and qualified people with very strong management structure and skills. This needed a lot of funding and the former management to successfully establish this business which today can boost that its name is a household name, as most entrepreneurs rely on us for their continued existence.

The founder has been in financial services business for about forty years and the company has been in existence for about thirsty years and has been going stronger and stronger every year. His experiences together with his staff have ensured a wealth of resources which forms the foundation for the business advisory services and financial planning. We are presently undertaking staff development in all our developments, which are Liquor Licenses consultancy, Bookkeeping, and accounts as well as insurance. Our staff must be conversant with legislation and regulations pertaining each development.

We strive to make our business unique by ensuring that we make a mark in our clients businesses. We have taken it to ourselves to motivate our clients to generate ideas and help them integrity those ideas until they are realistic and feasible to be implemented. We then ensure continued support and mentorship, monitoring progress while ensuring efficiently and profitability. Our aim is to ensure that clients and give our clients confidence that we are part of the ingredients that will make their businesses grow. Our clients must be convinced that we add value to their businesses and themselves as individuals. We are fully committed to the advancement of our clients which will results in enormous growth of our business.

Our Vision

Artwell and Associates is destined to the sound and fully licensed business consultancy specialized in liquor trade and all other small and medium entrepreneurs, guiding those businesses to profitability while developing wealth for their owners and families. To achieve our goals, we ensure that all our clients are compliant with all regulatory bodies like Liquor Authority, SARS, Municipalities and other relevant stake holders.

We ensure ongoing training of our staff and ensure that all queries and persuasion are attended efficient and quality service. We are committed to providing an enjoyable working environment for our employees, our most important resource. We continually promote team work, quality improvement and excellence in all aspect of our business.

Our Mission

We strive to provide professional and knowledgeable, honesty and integrity. We endeavor to make our clients grow their wealth resulting in the growth of our company.